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Urban Cultivator

Eat Better Food.


Urban Cultivator indoor gardens can

grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs,

and microgreens in any kitchen.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to provide for each

and every family access to healthy and organic herbs,

vegetables, and microgreens, while reducing our carbon footprint.

We want to create a wholly sustainable culture

where delicious, fresh food is the focal point.

It’s a fresh new world.

Urban Cultivator Residential


Welcome to the kitchen of the future

Having an Urban Cultivator means you can harvest

seconds before you plate, giving you access to fresh,

organic microgreens and herbs year-round.

New Depths of Flavour


Microgreens grown from an Urban Cultivator are

packed with flavor, giving you the ability to elevate any dish.

Organic All The Way


Our seeds are non-GMO, and no sprays or chemicals

are added in the growing process. You’re getting

100% organic, healthy food.

Easy to Grow


The Urban Cultivator Residential is easy to use,

featuring automated functions that make growing

your own as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Packed With Nutrition


Microgreens not only take less time to grow when

compared to their mature counterparts, but are

denser in nutritional content. They’re as healthy as

they are flavorful.


Learn how the Urban Cultivator Residential fits into your kitchen:

  • Grows 8 varieties of herbs and microgreens at once

  • Plumb into city water or use as a standalone unit

  • 220v power

  • Monthly average kWh: 18 kWh

  • Automatic watering cycles

  • 7 days a week grow support

  • CSA certified

  • 2 year warranty

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It’s a fresh new world.

Urban Cultivator Commercial


Urban Cultivator is a fully automated kitchen garden

From farm to fork in 10 seconds or less

From your Urban Cultivator Commercial to your plate to a patron—

it’s as fresh as it can get. Growing in an Urban Cultivator means

that you harvest the second you’re ready to plate.

New Depths of Flavour


Set your menu apart with intensely flavorful

microgreens and herbs right at your fingertips.

Organic All The Way


Align your restaurant or hotel with the organic movement

by growing your own food in an Urban Cultivator.

No chemicals or sprays are used at any point.

Easy to Grow


The Urban Cultivator Commercial is a fully

automated appliance that makes growing easy,

so you can concentrate on service instead of growing.

An amazing story to tell

Those who experience the Urban Cultivator at your restaurant

and hotel will leave impressed, sure to tell their friends about your business.



Learn how the Urban Cultivator Commercial fits into your kitchen:

      • Industrial castor wheels

    • Grows 16 trays 25cm x 50cm

    • or 64 trays 25cm x 12,5cm

      • Auto pH & TDS monitoring

      • Auto watering cycles

      • Standard 3/4″ water fittings

      • Monthly average kWh: 65 kWh

      • 2 year warranty

More information: 0918 888 210 or uc@cortec.sk

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